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This Month's Tips for Children.

Encourage your child to listen to different sounds such as aeroplanes, animals, the postman.

Give your child opportunities to talk.

Talk about things as they happen for example unpacking the shopping, having a bath, watching television.

Don't keep asking questions.  Talking should be fun.

If your child's words aren't clear, do not correct.  Talk back in the normal way.

Turn off the television and radio for a time each day.

Listen carefully and give your child time to finish.  Take turns to speak.

Encourage your child to communicate in any way, not just through words.

Offer choices, eg. 'Do you want orange juice of blackcurrant?'

Try and have a special time with your child each day to play with toys and picture books.

Remember!  In order to communicate, both adults and children need

               - a reason to communicate - something to talk about

               - a way of communicating that can be understood by others

               - opportunities to communicate.